What is considered "spamming" on BeatStars?

Ultimately sharing your personal links and/or self promotion on someone else's content and/or via messages is considered spam.

We do strive for users to network and collaborate, however sharing links to your own personal material and/or self promotion without being requested will often be viewed as spam.  We apologize, however this is not something we encourage. The comments and message sections are designed for genuine feedback/dialog only.  Should a member request any material and links from you, at that point you can send them your material directly if they ask for it only.

Also, if/when a member requests for you to no longer comment/message them, we would certainly appreciate it if you obliged their request.  Not respecting your fellow members wishes is also something we do not condone.  Not respecting fellow members' requests leads to complaints, which negatively impacts us as a company.  We hope you understand, and thank you for your cooperation.

IMPORTANT:  Any users suspected of spamming can have their account restricted and/or closed without warning or refund.


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