How do I upload a Sound Kit? (Unlimited Members Only)

To upload a Sound Kit, please follow the instructions below.

1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Navigate to your "My Media" section.

3.  Then navigate to your "Sound Kits" section.

4.  Next click the "Upload" button.  (see screenshot)

5.  Upload the .zip or link to your Sound Kit file using the "Sound Kit File" button.  (see screenshot)

IMPORTANT:  Please ensure to upload a valid .zip file or a valid URL to your Sound Kit file.  Any invalid/corrupt files, or invalid URLs will cause issues for your customers.

6.  Fill out all required fields with your desired metadata.

NOTE:  If required metadata/assets are not provided, your Sound Kit cannot be published.  Any missing required metadata and/or assets will produce a red warning at the bottom right of the "Edit" page.

7.  Click "Save Changes".  (see screenshot)




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