How do I dispute a reversed payment?

We provide details that PayPal/Stripe usually require to dispute charge-backs.  For example, we provide the time-stamp and IP Address information confirming if/when the customer downloaded the file(s).  We also provide the customer's email address and other important transaction details for you to reference to PayPal/Stripe in such cases.

If a customer did a charge-back (reversed payment), you can perform the following steps:

1.  Navigate to the following section of your account Pending/Reserved Transactions

2.  Click on the "View Details" button underneath the transaction in question.

3.  Check to see if the customer downloaded the file(s).  If so, you will see an IP address and time-stamp of when they downloaded the files.  

4.  If the customer downloaded the file(s), please send the data to PayPal (or Stripe depending on the payment method) and dispute the charge-back with that service.  This should hopefully help you win the dispute.




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