How do I add itemized license features information on Pro Page 2.0?

In order to add itemized key features for your licenses on your Pro Page 2.0 as shown in the image below, please see the following steps.

NOTE:  This feature is not applicable for Pro Page 1.0


1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Next navigate to your Licenses & Contracts section.

3.  Then click "Customize" next to the license you wish to edit.

4.  Once you are in your "Customize License" page, enter your desired key features using the "License Features" field.  

NOTE:  Please only use single spaces between each line.  Using double spaces will lead to your "License Features" to not show up.  (see Screenshots)

Correct Example Entry Below:


Incorrect Example Entry Below:


IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your key features match the exact license terms and information in your full contract details and that they do not conflict with any of your license information in any way.  Not doing so could lead to disputes between you and your customers.


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