How do I link my YouTube channel to my Pro Page?

To link your YouTube channel to your Pro Page, please see the following steps.
1.  Log into your BeatStars account.
2.  Click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the page located just to the left of your user image.

3.  Next go to "My Profile".  (see screenshot)

4.  Scroll down to the bottom left and click on the "Add Links to your Social Networking Sites" button.  (see screenshot)

5.  Add your official YouTube Username or YouTube Channel ID in the "YouTube:" field.  (see screenshot)

IMPORTANT:  Please enter your official YouTube Username or YouTube Chanel ID only i.e. OfficialBeatStars or UCcFDbiinqhftr4nYWi5ksvQ

IMPORTANT:  Please note that it can take time for the system to refresh and populate the actual data on your Pro Page 2.0 homepage.


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