Why haven't I received my files after purchase?

Please note that files are not sent until PayPal confirms the seller received their funds.  Some payment methods can take time to process on PayPal's side.

For example, if an E-Check was used for your purchase, unfortunately PayPal needs 3-6 business days (weekends excluded) to clear E-Checks on their side.  We're sorry, unfortunately BeatStars has no control over E-Check payment timelines as that is dependent on the customer's payment method and PayPal.  If by any chance you see the funds deducted from your payment method and you still do not have your files, this likely indicates that the payment is still processing on PayPal's side and the seller has not yet received their funds for the transaction.

If you used an E-Check, you should receive a "Pending" email outlining this information.  Please check your spam filter if you do not see it in your primary inbox.  Please be advised that once the E-Check clears, PayPal will transfer the funds to the seller for the transaction, and then the files will then be sent to you once PayPal confirms the payment was successful.  

For more information regarding PayPal's E-Check process, please feel free to see the following link from PayPal's site below. 

What Is An E-Check?


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