How do I feature a video on my Pro Page 2.0?

If you wish to feature a video from your personal YouTube channel, please follow the instructions in the following article first How do I link my YouTube channel to my Pro Page?.  Upon doing so, you may then follow the steps below.

1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Next visit the following section within your BeatStars account Videos

3.  Then click the "Connect Your YouTube Account" button (if not connected already)

4.  Next click the "Import My Videos" button.  (see screenshot)


5.  Then check the video(s) you wish to import and click the "Import All Selected Videos" button.  (see screenshot)


6.  You can then edit any metadata for the video(s) and click "Publish Videos".  (see screenshot)


7.  Once your videos are imported, please hover over the video you wish to feature and click the star icon at the top left corner.  (see screenshot)


IMPORTANT:  You may need to clear your browser's cache/cookies, close your browser, and re-open your Pro Page in order to see the changes take effect.




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