Why didn't I get my free track(s) for the bulk deal?

We're sorry, please note that the tracks you wish to have received free are required to be added to your cart during the checkout process.  If the producer is offering free track(s) as a part of their bulk deal, you would have received the free track(s) with your receipt if added to the cart at the time of your purchase.

If you did not add the equivalent license(s) for the intended free track(s) during your checkout, we apologize, unfortunately the free tracks would not be available as this process is automated.  Free tracks are required to be added during the checkout process in order to receive them for free.

Also, producers have the option to exclude specific licenses and tracks from Bulk Discounts.  If you did in fact add the additional track(s) you wanted to receive free during your checkout process, and you still did not receive the track(s) for free, then the producer likely excluded the associate license(s) and/or track(s) from their Bulk Discount.  Producers manage their own deals and content.

If you missed the opportunity to get a free track, you can check to see if the producer/artist is offering a free version of the track for non-profit use only on their BeatStars profile page.

IMPORTANT: All licenses in the cart must be identical licenses in order to qualify for their equivalent Bulk Discounts.


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