Free Sample Download License

This license allows the user to download a Free Sample production track for use only on YouTube and SoundCloud. 

The user is not allowed to distribute their finished song to commercial retailers like iTunes or Spotify. They are also not allowed to monetize on YouTube or SoundCloud with this license. This license is only intended for free promotional use. 

The music producer maintains all master, copyright, and publishing rights to the production.

Users have the following options for Free Sample Download:



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    im trying to say yes with voice tag.. Do not use any voice tags that are vulgar please use your moms favorite electrician and 10 degreeZ for both songs the one with 10degreeZ is that tag the other no mercy1 that would my moms favorite electrician. as of now and why i need your help is: cuz I loaded only the tags and didnt load the song behind it .. So i know i messed up and i wont let it happen again.. just either remove songs completely or set it in the correct order the way i described it. My apologies everyone. I am James E. Dowden Code6nthaMiX and 10degreeZ is my talented 21 yr old son his name is Nicolas M. Dowden ... Everything Limiited time only please and let whom ever the beat belongs to make plans to get the ball rolling towards a real goal for 2018 . im not saying im all that im just saying im nice.!1

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    Hey Beat stars, 


    I was wondering if you could give us the option to edit the free sample license? I want to be able to offer my customers free versions for recording and demo purposes only. I want them to buy my mp3 lease if they wish to have promotional use on soundcloud / youtube

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