When will I receive my revenue from your SoundCloud program?

Once your tracks are turned on for monetization, you can expect to see revenue for any monetized ad plays 30 - 60 days from the end of that monthly period.  For example, any monetized plays in May could be paid out in July, or slightly later depending on when the data is received from our partners.

NOTE:  Please note that it can also takes about 30 - 60 days, or longer depending on volume, to actually have your content turned on for monetization after a track has passed our review process.  Based on these timelines, it may take 2 - 4 months, or more, to actually begin seeing your earnings due to volume and overall processing timelines.


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    johannes mbog song

    hi every one; on my opinion it might take two full months before to see my revenue from soundcloud cause my tracks are already on monetization .

    so  but what in fact can explain if soundcloud is late on reacting payment cause a lot of rumors are spreading on soundcloud; but me i believe soundcloud is the best for music and artists; 


    what can i expect then; ? being sure i'm expecting my payment from june on end august! but that might arrive on end september or october; well that's pretty uncertain cause i'm independant and taxes don't wait for asking money; can somebody get the point on that? that delay? 

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