Where can I write and save my lyrics for a track?

To write lyrics and save them for a production track, please see the instructions below.

1.  Log into your account.

2.  Click play on the track you wish to write lyrics to.

3.  Once the track is playing, click the "Write Lyrics" button at the footer of the page.  (see screenshot)

4.  You will then be taken to the Lyric Pad page where you can write and store lyrics for the associated track.  (see screenshot)

5.  You can also download or print your lyrics when ready using the "Download" and "Print" buttons at the top right of the page.  (see screenshot)

6.  Click "Save" and "Close LyricPad" buttons after you are done writing.  (see screenshot)

NOTE:  Lyrics are saved automatically each time you update either the title or the content of your lyrics.

7.  To navigate back to your lyrics at any time, make sure you are filtered under "My Profile" and then click "Lyrics" in the navigation tool bar on the left.  (see screenshot)

8.  Locate the track title which corresponds to the lyrics you wish to open and click the "Edit Lyrics" button to the right of the track.  (see screenshot)

9.  In the Lyric Pad, if you wish to edit lyrics which have already saved, click the "Edit" button.  (see screenshot)

TIP:  If you get stuck thinking of a rhyming word, try our helpful "Rhyme Search" button.  Just enter a word and it will provide a list of words that rhyme for your convenience.


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