How do I search for a specific producer, track, album, etc.?

To search for a specific producer, track, album, etc., please follow the instructions below.

1.  Log into your account.


2.  Type the name of musician, track, video, or album in the search bar reading "What type of track are you looking for?" Then press enter. (see screenshot)


3.  Next narrow your search results to musicians, tracks, videos or albums by clicking the options in the "Search By" box. (see screenshot)


NOTE:  The search filter is defaulted to "Everything" which will allow you to search any category that contains your search word(s).

4.  To search more terms under your specified criteria, type your search word(s) into the search field and hit enter on your keyboard. The search will then populate relative search results.  (see example)


6.  You can then click on the intended search result in order to be directed to your desired location.




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