How do I add my own personalized voice tag to my tracks?

To add your own personalized voice tag to your tracks, please follow the instructions below.

1.  Log into your account.

2.  Click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the page located just to the left of your user image.

3.  Next click "My Media".  (see screenshot)

4.  Then click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the page located just to the left of your user image again.

5.  Next click "Selling Preferences".  (see screenshot)

6.  Next click the "Voice Tag" tab.  (see screenshot)

NOTE:  Once you add a personalized voice tag which meets our specified requirements, the red caution symbol will turn into a green circle with a check-mark indicating you successfully uploaded your personalized voice tag.

7.  Next click the "Choose Tag Frequency" drop-down menu and select your frequency preference for the voice tag.  (see example)

NOTE:  You can also adjust the voice tag frequency even if you wish to keep our default BeatStars tag.

8.  Next click the "Upload Voice Tag" button.  Your device's dialog box will open allowing you to select your desired voice tag from its stored location.  (see screenshot)

NOTE:  If you wish to supply tracks with your voice tags already mixed into your audio files, please use the "Streaming Audio File" upload button within a track's "Edit" page.  Doing so will override your custom voice tag from your Selling Preferences and will allow the voice tag embedded version to play on your Pro Page, Players, and Widgets for that track.  Our Marketplace will continue to play our BeatStars voice tag per our protocol.

Voice Tag Specifications

  • MP3 or WAV or FLAC File Format
  • 4-18 Seconds Duration


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    Opeyemi Damilare

    Where can i upload the music

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