Change Request & Takedown Policy

We require our users to pay a $5.00 fee (per change) for any change(s) they wish to make to content which is in review, has already passed our review, or has already been distributed to any retailer partner and/or 3rd party service.  Please note that fees for change requests are common practice within the distribution industry due to the amount of work involved.  This $5.00 fee applies to any tracks you wish to remove from any programs as well.  Please also be advised that canceling your subscription and/or deleting your account data will not remove your content from any of our distribution programs, and your content will still be distributed through our service.  Users will need to follow our outlined process below for any changes or removals.

For any change requests or removals, please see the following process below:

1.  Users must make the actual change(s) to their content by editing the metadata and/or assets within their BeatStars account (where applicable).  

2.  Users must then send an e-mail to and notify us of the exact change(s) and/or removal(s) needed.  For change requests, this must be identical to the edit(s) the user made manually in step 1 (where applicable).  Please also include the ISRC along with the track title exactly as it appears in your account for each track which requires a change or removal.  For removals, please specify which program(s) you wish for your content to be removed from.  Users will then receive an invoice for the total price amount of the change(s) and/or removal(s) they requested.  

NOTE:  For videos on your YouTube channel which need to be removed from our YouTube MCN program specifically, please provide the video title exactly as it appears on your YouTube channel. 

3.  Users will then have to pay the total amount outlined within their invoice prior to BeatStars relaying any changes or removals to any retailer partners and/or 3rd party services.  

4.  Once BeatStars receives the total payment outlined in your invoice, we will then work on issuing the change(s).  Please note that any change(s) or removal(s) could take generally 4-6 weeks to reflect at any retailer partners and/or 3rd party services.  Further delays are possible depending on each retailer partner and 3rd party services' ingestion timelines, which is outside of BeatStars' control.

NOTE:  Please be very specific regarding the actual change(s) you are requesting when notifying BeatStars of your change request via e-mail.  By not doing so, you run the risk of your change not being made, or an incorrect change being applied.


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    Herr Shelf

    Sorry i'm a bit confused, changes like : changing the Beat? Title? like what for example?

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