How can I white-list my YouTube channel to avoid claims on my videos?

During the process of opting your content into our YouTube Content ID program, you will be asked if you have any YouTube channels you would like to white-list.  Please note that you must be the owner and administrator of any channels you wish to white-list.

NOTE:  By opting content into our YouTube Content ID program, all content which YouTube identifies to be a match will be claimed, including your own.  In order to prevent claims on any content from your own channel, you must provide us your YouTube channel URLs so we can white-list.  Any videos outside of your YouTube channel will still be claimed.  Also, if you previously supplied your YouTube channels and they have already been white-listed, please do not supply again.  The channels you supply must be owned by you and cannot be shared, or someone else's channels. We reserve the right to reject any channels, and all white-listing is done per our discretion.


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