How come BeatStars is claiming my own videos on YouTube?

The way YouTube Content ID works is that their algorithms detect any videos which contain all (or a portion) of audio which has been opted into the YouTube Content ID program.

If you opted any of your content into our YouTube Content ID program via BeatStars, all content which YouTube identifies to be a match will be claimed, including your own.  In order to prevent claims on any content from your own channel, you must provide us your YouTube channel URLs so we can white-list.  Any videos outside of your YouTube channel will still be claimed. 

If you did not opt any content into our YouTube Content ID program and your video was claimed, it is likely that the exclusive rights owner of all (or a portion) of the audio within your video was claimed through this program.  If you are not the 100% Exclusive License holder to all of the audio within your video, then the Exclusive License holder has the legal right to claim your video for monetization.

NOTE:  We cannot release a claim on a YouTube video unless you can provide legal proof that you are the 100% exclusive rights holder to all of the audio contained within that video.  Having a Non-Exclusive License for the audio contained within your YouTube video does not qualify as owning exclusive rights, nor do such licenses allow for monetization.  Only those who have 100% Exclusive Licenses to all of the audio can monetize YouTube videos which contain that audio.  Also, if your YouTube video contains audio samples of any kind, the Exclusive License holder(s) to those samples has the legal right to monetize and claim your YouTube video.


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