General Timelines and Overview of SoundCloud Monetization Program

Once tracks are submitted, they could take 7-14 days for review internally.  Should they pass our internal review, they are then distributed to SoundCloud. 

Please note that once your tracks have been distributed to SoundCloud, it could take 30 days from the date of receipt on SoundCloud's side, or slightly longer for our partner to actually turn on your content for monetization depending on volume on their side.  Once tracks are turned on, you will accrue revenue for any monetized plays only.  Monetized plays are visitor plays for tracks that are turned on for monetization, and are at least 30 seconds or more in duration.  Any other plays will not generate revenue.  You will see a monetized symbol next to each track once SoundCloud has officially turned it on for monetization.  For any tracks not yet turned on, we apologize, SoundCloud is still likely reviewing those tracks for approval. Tracks not yet turned on will not generate revenue until they are turned on for monetization and have an ad placed at the time of the visitor play.

IMPORTANT:  Not all plays are monetized, only plays in which SoundCloud has placed an ad on the track at the time of the visitor play can earn revenue.  SoundCloud manages all ad placement depending on ad availability on their side.  Due to volume, your tracks will not always have ads, again SoundCloud manages all ad placement.

With regards to payouts for a given month, this could take 30 - 60 days from the end of a monthly payout period as it takes time to gather this data from our partners and ingest it into our system.  Meaning, any potential earnings for let's say August could be paid out in October/November, depending on when our partners provide us the data.  These are standard timelines as monetization and data gathering takes time.

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