How do I setup my domain name as my Pro Page URL? (Most Services)

To point your domain name to your Pro Page URL, you need to access your domain’s DNS settings and set up the following:

1.  Set your “A” record, typically designated as “@” to point to

Note: Please ensure that you do not have multiple “@” records.

2.  Set your “www” record with type “CNAME” and point it to “”

3.  Lastly, log into your BeatStars account and visit the link Pro Page Setup.  You will need to input your domain name in the "Domain Name" field.  

IMPORTANT:  Do not include http:// and/or www. before your entry, please simply start with your actual domain name.  Also, you may need to clear your browser's cache, close your browser, and then re-open your browser after this step in order to see your Pro Page populate correctly.


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