Why wasn't I charged for my latest subscription payment?

PayPal process all of our subscription payments.  If you did not manually cancel your subscription, then this usually occurs when a user either has insufficient funds, or another issue with their source payment method.  

When there are insufficient funds, or if there is an issue with your payment method, you have a short 10 day grace period where PayPal continues to retry to bill you.  If PayPal is unable to successfully bill you within this grace period, your account automatically downgrades. 

It is important to ensure that there is always sufficient funds and no issues with your source payment method on your billing date cycle.  Please check with your source payment method and PayPal to see why there may have been an issue billing you for your subscription on your billing date.

NOTE: American Express, pre-paid cards, and PayPal balance are not accepted for payments.

If your subscription downgrades, you can upgrade your account again in the following section, once you sort out the cause of your payment issue(s) with your payment source.  If your payment continues to fail, we suggest linking a different payment method to your PayPal account, or paying with a different credit card.

Account Subscription


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