How to add publishing percentages for collaborators

Producers can now include their collaborators’ writers share of the publishing automatically in the Non-Exclusive agreements and publishing share in the Exclusive agreement.  To add publishing percentages for your collaborators, please follow the instructions below.


1.  Go to My Media > Tracks

2.  Click the "Edit" button (resembles a blue pencil tool) next to the track you want to edit.

3.  Scroll down to the "Collaborator" section in the track form.

4.  Add your "Collaborator(s)" and set their "Role", "Profit Share" (license sale split), as well as their "Writers/Publishing Share" (writers publishing split).  (screenshots below)


5.  Next click "Save Changes", and every time you sell a beat license these customizations will automatically be applied to each contract.

DISCLAIMER:  BeatStars Inc., doesn’t legally represent producers in the sale of their production music and is only recommending license terms that are normal practice in music industry license transactions. We highly advise each music copyright owner to consult with their independent legal counsel to make sure they are licensing their music in the fashion they desire. BeatStars Inc. is not a law firm.


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